Playing with meter

Stillness Waits for her Wind

Still air waits home but salt Wind whispers.
Wind hurries behind mist pressing toward
Brushing screens and rattling front porches’ doors
He sighs, declines afraid if she recoils
Courage, pulling, clanking to announce his
Nearness overcomes hunger for solitude.

Stillness closed loneliness over green eyes
Soon though, Silence tightens around temples
Need so ravenous water quenches not
Only air changes her broken moment.

Listening for creaks through drought thinned
Redwoods, dry, thirsting under fear of flame

Bluster tantalizes heat stoking her.
Cold, enough to meander in the psyche
Love beholden swells within houses haunted
By inhibition under frustration

Wind carries extinguishing rain up to
Stillness, at her front screen door, aloof she
Opens her house only for long lost Wind

Call for American Children

Push the button unleash the drones,
Tap out the order - launch
Hide my agency underground
Balance beers on its paunch

Fate, fault and fury of fathers
Sleeps, floating in our veins
Mirrors haunt mothers’ memories
My modern child of Cain

Neither my fundamentalist
Nor his petroleum
Threaten us like complacency
Atop linoleum

Until the hero's fat fist raises
Demanding more and more
Her willful restlessness begging
Stars and moon even the score

While Gaia waits shaking sad heat
Rivers flood our cities
Flames engulf woods, rocks, house and field
We shall know scarcity

Sons and daughters, embrace your time
Inherit your freedom
Restless, rebellious, rogue rangers
Race - for your time is come

It is not the other we fear
We chose easy comfort
Spendthrifts shop away our future
Justice comes not from court

Awaken young ones claim your time
Let your love save this land
Rather let it save hard fought dreams
Lest they slip from our hands

Challenge without a challenger
Hate without enemy
Poverty of spirit and soul
Crimes without clemency

Fight for all your new tomorrow
Give birth to synthesis
Build from the blocks of our neglect
Write your own Genesis

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